Virtual care, Wellness and Self care

Ajlan & Bros Medical Company’s virtual care stack is aligned to the new models of care . Our solutions are localised for Saudi Arabia and will increase citizen activation, improve their care experience while reducing the cost of care considerably.

Citizen empowerment Virtual and Self care Tools

Deviceless AI Chronic Disease Remote Patient Monitoring Platform

Mobile enabled cloudbased telemedicine solution

Population Health Management

Health Record, Care coordination

End to end solution in one platform

Genomics and genetic testing

We will set up genetic labs and genomic research in KSA 

Population genomic sequencing and genomic data analysis services and products

Genetic screening and testing products

Precision medicine and cutting-edge researches

Diagnosis platform for genetic diseases

Tumor genetic detection products and services

Genetics clinical lab in KSA

Mental Health

Compared to western standards inpatient care for mental health in KSA is not adequate. There is a growing demand for inpatient care based on the Saudi National Mental Health Survey. There are no large-scale private investments in this area. Patient experience is very poor. Ajlan has partnered with an international operator to deliver world-class mental health services in KSA.

Corporate wellness and mental health programs for large corporates

Behavioral therapy for long term disorders

School mental health programs

Technology solutions for mental
health- virtual care solutions

Ajlan & Bros Home Healthcare Services

Home healthcare services is key to reducing the demand and cost of secondary and tertiary care and improving the patient experience. We have designed our service as an integrator of patient pathways across primary and secondary care.

Primary Care

Specialized Clinic

Nursing Services

Laboratory Services

Mother and Child Care

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services

Prosthetics & Orthotics

Ventilator Care


Ajlan & Bros Home First Hemodialysis Model for CKD

01. Find the condition early

At Risk

02. Best care and support in the early stages

Diagnosed disease

03. Best long term care and support

Complex/ comorbid disease